Monday, 30 June 2014

Spotlight on: Sam Martin-Harper

Here is some work from a good friend of mine who has just finished her FMP on her foundation course at UCA and will be studying for her BA Fashion Accessory Design and Prototyping at Ravensbourne from September.

Sam Martin-Harper says about her work...

" The concept is based on decaying architecture and the beauty created through the unrestrained process of decay but also, the sense of loss this process evokes. I was particularly interested in the loss of function seen in architecture once decay has taken hold as I believe this resonates with societal fear of the inevitability of having no use. Alongside this, I also explored the idea of clothing as protection which is the fundamental function of architecture. To realise this concept, I investigated cracked/ peeling paint and rust, both of which are outcomes of decay, and used scrunched paper to represent an artificial form of decay."

Here is the image Sam used as the repeat print on her garment, which is a study of rust. The unconventional plaid pattern is then repeated many times and hand stitched together resembling traditional fine tailoring. An interesting contrast to the eroded surface texture.

I love the use of complementary colours in her design and the meticulous edging detail which made me think of traditional Inuit skin clothing. The silhouette reminds me of both samurai dress and elegant Victorian costume.

You can follow Sam Martin-Harper via her Twitter feed,

Congratulations Sam! So looking forward to seeing your degree show in three years time!

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