Thursday, 19 April 2012


CAMPING - A performative istallation by Christoph Ziegler on what it means to be a neo-nomad. 28 - 31 March @ Gauloises Variete-Liberte, Karoline Hamburg.
Guest artists:

Felix Schroeder & Urte Langrock occupied the installation (29 March 2012).

Loukia Richards narrated the Odyssey during a Stitchathon (30 March 2012).

Markus Armbrecht transformed the installation through tagging (31 March 2012).

"'Camping staff' wore costumes embroidered with neo-nomadic motifs by Loukia Richards. Tapestry made of recycled material and used for construction purposes in the installation also by Loukia Richards"

Beyond Emotions

A sneak peek from Leonor Hipólito's latest project/exhibition Beyond emotions.

Read more about the exhibition here

Paula Lindblom

A New exhibition with my friend Paula Lindblom's work.

You can see and read more about her recent works here


Some blossom from my orchard. Plums, cherries and apple blossoms.

Sneaky Peek

Here is a sneak peak of some tests I have been working on with my new silk yarns. They are much finer threads than I would normally use.I am enjoying working with them and excited by the results. Each piece has two colours blended together.

The Wasp Nest

This image is from my studio! Yes, that's right a wasp had built this nest in my old tool box. I noticed a wasp enter my studio and fly into a very small hole in my old tool box which houses tools I use occasionally and supplies of emery papers etc. I noticed over the next few days the wasp returned...normally I just open the door and usher them out, but this one persistently came back and looked very determined to use my tool box as it's hang out spot, so I decided upon drastic measures...Raid.

I then found this nest hanging from the ridge inside my old tool box. I was amazed at how truly beautiful it was. It is incredible that a small creature like a wasp can make something so accurate and perfectly formed, I have to admit I do find it a bit sinister too.