Monday, 19 April 2010


Some images from my visit to Lyme Regis in Dorset last week. A favourite spot for fossil hunting and spending time outdoors.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Either it was a prank from the 1st of the month...or a strange (but beautiful) mutation. A lick of red pigment across a single petal of just one of these tulips, in Sissinghurst. I promise it's not a photoshop trick! Amazing isn't it?

Sissinghurst: Spring Flowers

Easter Monday...another visit to a castle!

Spring at Sissinghurst, there are many flowers you can see for a short period of time...before the hotter colours of the summer flowers erupt into the gardens. If you visit now you can see hellebores, snakeheads, daffy down dillies, snow drops, lungworts (good for bees!), tulips, primroses...there are lots more but these are favourites I saw when I was there.

There are lots of images in the post here...but thought it would be nice for Sissinghurst fans who live further away to be able to have a virtual visit!!)

Spring at Sissinghurst

The first visit to Sissinghurst for 2010. I had not been so early on in the year before and it was really interesting to see the gardens. How plants had been tended to and cut back as well as all the beautiful spring flowers. The orchard is looking great...with daffy down dillies and snakeheads in bloom and loads of bees buzzing about working hard to make the Sissinghurst honey you can buy there.

Can't wait to go back soon to see how it is changing and to see the vegetable garden which is open May-Sept.

Scotney Castle

Easter Sunday...visit to a castle.

"The Scotney Castle Garden in Kent was originally created in the 1830's by Edward Hussey III who had the imagination to incorporate the ruined medieval castle as the centrepiece of his Picturesque style landscape design."

Its now owned by the National more about it here

Flocking Marvellous: Zoe Robertson

New works by Zoe Robertson.

The "Flocking Marvellous" series will be shown at SOFA New York, where Zoe is represented by Charon Kransen.

AIRspace: A show by ten Artists-in-Residence at BIAD

This show looks great, it starts in Birmingham later in the month. The exhibition presents work from the ten Artists-in-Residence working in the Birmingham School of Jewellery. The AIR scheme gives makers' space and use of all the equipment in exchange for some teaching assistant work with the current students. It's such a good idea as it clearly benefits both the artists and the students at the school. The exhibition shows the new works made during the residency.

Some more info on the Show:

‘AIRspace’ exhibition will display the work of the ten current Artists-in-Residence:
(In order of the images)
Tusheeta David (Jeweller, India)
Sangeun Kim (Jeweller, enameller, South Korea)
Sally Collins (Jeweller, UK)
Ryan McClean (Silversmith, UK)
Nobuko Okumura (Jeweller, Japan)
Hajime Hasegawa (Sculptural metalsmith, Japan)
Heidi Hinder (Conceptual jeweller, silversmith, UK)
Jemma Daniels (Silversmith, jeweller, UK)
Kathryn Partington (Jeweller, UK)
Kevin Grey (Silversmith, UK)

Ten Artists-in-Residence showcase the benefits of a new placement scheme at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham.
‘AIRspace’ is a forthcoming exhibition which will reveal the latest work of ten young international jewellers and silversmiths, all currently based at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University.

Each of the designer-makers has been participating in a new Artist-in-Residence placement scheme which was introduced at the start of the academic year, September 2009, by Professor Jack Cunningham, Head of School.

In exchange for a small teaching assistant input, the Artists-in-Residence benefit from access to workspace, facilities and equipment within the University building. In their own time, they are able to develop new collections of work, the highlights of which will be on show at the ‘AIRspace’ exhibition.

With so many financial pressures on new graduate designer-makers, the scheme is highly valued by those lucky enough to have been selected. Heidi Hinder, a conceptual jeweller and silversmith, commented: ‘The Artist-in-Residence placement scheme is an incredible opportunity, giving us access to the very best facilities in order to develop new work, while encouraging a creative exchange between students and new makers within the School’s vibrant atmosphere’.

The University staff have also appreciated the benefits of the placement programme. Jo Pond, Lecturer and AIR scheme co-ordinator said, ‘The Artists-in-Residence assist the academic staff on a cross-section of Modules, offering the School an engaging and direct link between academia and current practice. Having the Artists-in-Residence on board enables our students to observe the drive and commitment essential for working towards individual deadlines, whilst developing new work.’

‘AIRspace’ opens on Thursday 29th April and runs until Friday 21st May 2010, at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University.

Exhibition opening times: 10am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, from 30th April – 21st May 2010.
School of Jewellery
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham City University
Vittoria Street
B1 3PA
Phone: (+44) (0) 121 331 5940
Fax: (+44) (0) 121 331 5943

craft2eu: Paperficial & other new shows

Top: Siba Sahabi from Amsterdam (NL) presenting her "Teadance " installation

Middle: The paschal table dressed with plates of Valerie Casado (F), fish from the atlantic coast and ceramic flowers from the Westerwald (D.

Bottom: Origami-Papervases by Romy Kühne (NL) and colourful vessels by Sarah Moorhouse.

Paperficial The latest exhibition open until 08.05.2010

Schnuppe von Gwinner Contact for more information.
craft2eu – agency and gallery for european arts and crafts

Eppendorfer Weg 231
20251 Hamburg

Leonor Hipólito‏: New Works

Sponsored by:
Jakob Bengel Foudation / Fachhochschule-Trier / Ministério da Cultura / DGArtes /
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

The SOFA Show: Object Fetish

Click to view the exhibition of New Work by Harriete Estel Berman, Joanne Haywood, and Polly Wales

Object Fetish Gallery
March 29 to May 31, 2010

Object Fetish Gallery, online, presents “New Spring Show, by Harriete Estel Berman, Joanne Haywood, and Polly Wales”. Three accomplished and dynamic artists create new work for our Spring online exhibition.

Come see what is growing in our garden……

The American artist Harriete Estel Berman’s, New Work, “Flower Pins”, is in full bloom. Each pin is made from entirely recycled materials. Perfect for Aprils’s Earth Day. Harriete uses vibrant bursts of colors with layers upon layers of patterns to create these robust blossoms. Each ones uniqueness and charming patterns explodes off the wearer. Perfect for your Spring collection!

British artist Joanne Haywood’s New Work, “Strange Garden” is imbued by the theme of the garden. The work alludes to the “idea of a parallel place, a secret garden that exists but at the same time cannot.” Her playful touch with materials of bight red thread and black metal you can’t distinguish if the metal is sprouting from the thread or vise versa. The work is often an over grown entanglement of fiber and metal.

British artist Polly Wales New Work, “Brink”, is focused on the lost wax casting technique. Through this process Polly has created a perception of ephemeral jewelry, although it remains solid in its materials of metal and precious stones. She is captivated by the notion of discovery as the precious stones appear and disappear under the metal. Polly’s rings are bursting and dripping with color and texture. Hidden treasures are lurking in her garden.

WHERE: Object Fetish Gallery

WHEN: Monday, March 29 through May 31th 2010


FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION: Call Object Fetish Gallery at (415) 440-6426,
or email

About Object Fetish
Since 2008, Object Fetish Gallery has been a leader in showcasing new developments in contemporary art jewelry online. The gallery represents more than 100 renowned artists from across the globe and features group and individual exhibitions frequently, showcasing cutting edge work. Object Fetish is an online art jewelry gallery.