Tuesday, 29 March 2011

500 Silver Jewelry Designs

500 Silver Jewelry Designs, by juror Talya Baharal and Marthe Le Van.

It's out in the US already,UK readers will have to wait a little longer, but it's avaliable on pre-order from amazon.uk.

I have a brooch in this book, so got a complimentary copy last week, it's a really good selection of works.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Curated by Jo Bloxham
This exhibition was curated by Jo Bloxham and
inspired by 18 artists that were stranded in Mexico
City during the flight disruption caused by the
Icelandic volcanic ash cloud a year ago.

Andrea Wagner
will show work in this exhibition, at Galerie Spektrum

Chilli's and Blue Skies

Thanks Gaby for these great pics!

I have recently planted nine different types of chilli's (two weeks ago), a little bit late in the year, but will see how they go. Yes, I am a bit obsessed with chilli's.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Terhi Tolvanen‏: Nature Collection

goldfingers / Klosterstræde 18 / 1157 København K / (+45) 30823732 / (+45) 32173730 / www.goldfingers.dk

Roller Derby Fundraiser

Completely unrelated to jewellery. There is a Roller Derby Fundraiser in Margate on the 30th April, Live Bands, Merch, Cupcakes and a Raffle. Pop along if you can, should be a great night and all the proceeds go towards helping the team.

If anyone would like to donate something for the raffle, please email me, KRG can give you a mention on the night and hand out your flyer's/postcards for you.

Or if anyone is interested in Sponsoring Kent Roller Girls you can find out more here


A few details of new works...a sneak peak!

100th International Woman’s Day

Last Week was the 100th International Woman’s Day. On my way home I was listening to the radio and heard about a poll a newspaper had run asking "Who is your favourite influential London woman?" Loads sprang to mind but the actual results are just nuts (in my opinion). Virginia Woolf gets 0.15% of the vote, Rosalind Franklin 0.19%,Angela Hartnett 0.09%, Millicent Fawcett 0.51%......and the winner is Leona Lewis with 70.9%. Is it just me or is this completely crazy? I don't ever pick up the newspaper who did the poll, so maybe it's not meant for me but even so, surely we can do better than this?

So just to celebrate the ladies who rock...Virginia Woolf Angela Hartnett Rosalind Franklin