Monday, 15 April 2013


A poster showing all the participants in my latest exhibition Fascino Tessile, at The Association Nuro, Verona.

Luis Acosta, Valentina Caprini, Trinidad Contreras, Lyn Cooke, Nunzia De Feo, Joanne Haywood, Grace Hamilton, Alejandra Koreck, Yu-Ping Lin, Maria Rosa Mongelli, Mabel Pena, Sabina Tiemroth, Stella Valencia Iragorri, LizWillis.

Fascino Tessile // Verona, Italy // 12.04.13- 28.04.13

Andrea Wagner

Andrea Wagner has several upcoming shows including galleries in NY, Spain and Canada. I really enjoy seeing the evolution of Andrea's work and how she is constantly exploring different materials and pushing the processes she uses. The newer pieces you can see below use synthetic resin, paint, porcelain and ceramic transfers. You can see they have a connection to her previous works, but something new is emerging from them. I love their fragmented compositions.

Upcoming exhibitions:

International Exhibition Contemporary Jewellery by Emerging Artists.Galerie Noel Guyomarch, Montreal, Canada

Mariposa/Papallona/Butterfly Gallery Amaranto Joies, Barcelona, Spain

Wear it or Not Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA

See more of Andrea's work on her Kilmt02 page. Or her website.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

In and around Brixham...

A few things which caught my eye in Devon last week.

Transport Textiles

Two examples of transport textiles. The top one is from the Agatha Christie tour bus (a 1947 Leyland Tiger) and the bottom is from a steam train on the South Devon railways. I love these old vintage patterns and pigments as well as the tough rug like textiles they are made in, which is technically known as "Moquette."

I can remember the "District - Misha Black 1978" on buses in Bexley growing up, it was the standard textiles on all the local buses. I can remember on school journeys they were really dusty and kids would banging on them creating thick clouds of dust, which can't have been too good for us, but for some reason it was very funny at the time.

The London transport museum sells cushions and other home wears using the fabrics, including the iconic the iconic orange, yellow, brown and black rectangles of the District design.