Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Monday, 7 December 2009

Jewellery Pop-Up Store

The pop-up store.
Concept by: Jantje Fleischhut, Ineke Heerkens and Jeannette Jansen

Thu./Fri./Sat.December 03. until 19.atOudekerksplein 301012 GZ Amsterdam
For more info please contact:
I like this idea of a jewellery store...suddenly opening. The display is like a hardware store, an interesting way to display works.

Noovo Editions: Online Gallery and Publication

"Noovo Editions is an independent editorial project with online and paper editions. First of its kind in Spain from an unique and contemporary perspective on the international panorama, Noovo seeks not only to be an aesthetic arbiter but also a cultural mediator at the juncture between Fashion, Photography & Jewellery. A platform to show the highest level of creativity from around the world."

I am very pleased that Noovo has selected my work to be part of their gallery. As well as showcasing contemporary jewellery they also interview makers and have content for photography and fashion too.

Definitely one to save on your favourites!

Christmas Fayre

My local Christmas Fayre. This was last weekend the 28th I am ready for Christmas!

Monday, 23 November 2009

My New Bling...

“The Pinetum in Bedgebury is the unlikely bi-product of London’s notorious smog. The poor soils and air pollution in London rendered the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew an unsuitable site for a new conifer collection. Bedgebury was selected for its marshy land and drier ridges, as well as its streams, lakes and valleys.”

“Pinetum Neckpiece” marks my move from London to the Kent countryside. My New Bling is the environment around me and a heightened awareness of the change in seasons; priceless!

The Holiday Show

Object Fetish have a special Holiday Show with selected makers who exhibit with their online gallery. Each maker was asked to think about what "The New Bling" meant to them and submit a one off piece of jewellery art, alongside an image that inspired the work. Its always great to see the variety that is made from the same starting point.

I particularly the Hyacinth Ring by Alidra Alic, see for yourself here:

Thanks Whitney and Jeff, Merry Christmas!

Leonor Hipólito: Ongoing / Upcoming

To see ongoing and upcoming shows for Leonor's work:

In Their Own Words

Some images from the exhibition I am showing in at Bank Street Arts. It was lovely to be part of this project and to have a cross discipline show, with writers, artists and jewellery artists all working on one project.
I hope it is shown in another venue soon, so more people get to see it.
The Images are by John Clark, thanks John!

'Lost in translation and back to moon'

An exhibition of work by Jantje Fleischhut at Galerie Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam.

Geh&Schenke: Craft2eu

The Christmas Show at Craft2eu. The postcard shows some work by Julie Arkell, am a big fan of her work, so lovely to see.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Ingrid Psuty & David Hewitt

Ingrid and David are showing at the Keller Gallery in Point Loma Nazarene University, In San Diego. Wish I lived nearer!

Ela Bauer

Ela Bauer sent me this flyer for the Applied Arts Competition/exhibition she is showing in. Good Luck Ela, I hope you win!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Leonor Hipólito

A conceptual-space with the purpose of staging and promoting Dutch, Portuguese and international creative minds. Heights of design, fashion and jewellery in combination with special curated exhibitions and other adventures.A traveling project connecting independent designers globally.Steinbeisser in Amsterdam

14 November - 23 December
Opening Saturday 14 November
12:00 to 22:00 Vernissage 16:00 to 19:00
Address: Singel 38, Amsterdam"

Text from:

Ugly Objects

"Natalya Pinchuk and Dana Sperry relocated to de Wallen, the largest Red Light District in Amsterdam, for one month December, 2008—January, 2009 to initiate the Ugly Objects: Amsterdam. Seventeen artists volunteered their time and talents to join the project. Through advertisement and personal interactions, people living or working in de Wallen were invited to give an ugly object to the artists for alterations. The artists had conversations with the owners of ugly things about what they find beautiful and ugly, and how much these decisions are affected by personal histories and beliefs. These conversations act as a jumpstart for the creative process, so that the altered objects can return to the original owners within one year."

Text from:

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Congratulations Ineke...

Artist Ineke Otte has won an award for the TNO Design Competition 2009. The award was presented during the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven.

"There was an exhibition with 25 designers. They all made a product realized with Rapid Manufacturing in cooperation with TNO (Dutch research institute). With this technique I designed a lamp "something to drink", which is build up from cups, milk cans and teapots. The award I got was an amount of € 2500,00 which I can spend at TNO for further development."

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ITOW: Bank Street Arts

In the evening as the light drew closer, we would convene by the fire and plan the duties for the following day. Huddled around the hearth I fashioned objects with the cotton, given by the Russian traders. The men fix tools and resolved where to travel for the next days hunting and the trading stations to visit.

In Their Own Words

First Fire

Spook Night

Bodium Castle: 31st October

Bodium castle, a Medieval castle in East Sussex. Built in1385 and surrounded by a moat, this castle still has it original wooden portcullis. It was also used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Ramon Puig: Paradigma‏

I got this invite today from Ramon Puig. It looks like a great exhibition and a nice idea to link two Jewellery schools together, Colleagues from two different countries, I like it.

"The exhibition Paradigma, a hybrid of paradigm and paradigmas, is the work of 8 members of staff from the School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University and 7 staff from the School of Jewellery at Escola Massana in Barcelona.

The aim of Paradigma is in its’ title, to showcase examples and present diversity of; ideas and concepts, of materiality and technology, of form and function, from these two institutions, demonstrating the current range of research interests in Birmingham and Barcelona. There may well be identifiable cultural paradigms, aesthetic similarity and difference in this exhibition. However, these factors need to be viewed within a wider context, as neither the staff at Escola Massana, nor Birmingham, are exclusively Spanish, or British. As a core value, this exhibition demonstrates a commitment to the transformative power of continual communication and exchange with others worldwide and a belief in the growing internationalisation of both the School of Jewellery within Birmingham, the UK and beyond, and our friends and colleagues at Escola Massana in Barcelona.

Dates: 14 November – 11 December 2009. Monday – Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm.
Paradigma is curated by Professor Jack Cunningham

Participants: 8 staff from the Birmingham School of Jewellery and 7 staff from Escola Massana, Barcelona. Including;
UK – Jack Cunningham, Jivan Astfalck, Jo Pond, Zoe Robertson, Terry Hunt, Anna Lorenz, Karen Bartlett & Bridie Lander.
Spain – Ramon Puig Cuyas, Silvia Walz, Judy McCaig, Carmen Amador, Ursula Vinolas, Carles Codina & Elisabet Puig. "

Text taken from BIAD website

Leonor Hipólito: In Their Own Words

"Nine artists working in different media were invited to describe one of their works and submit both the work and the description for inclusion in an exhibition. Nine poets were then invited to produce a poem as a response to one of these works and nine jewellers to produce a work inspired by an artist’s text. Texts, poems and jewellery were exhibited without further explanation. In an extension of this original project, for the Galvanise festival, the original participants were asked to invite further artists, poets and jewellers to participate. This current exhibition displays the work of all 108 participants in the project."

More information and images for In Their Own Words to follow soon...

Andrea Wagner:Itami 2009

2009 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition
Museum of Arts & Crafts, Itami, Japan‏