Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Making More: Project Update

The Making More project I was working on for over a year, is now a self sustaining making group, with the cohort leading it's own workshops to teach it's new members how to make the brooches.

I thought I would share an update on their activities since we officially launched the "LV21 Making More Jewellery" at Christmas last year.

During May the group took part in the National Voluntary Arts Week 2015 and the LV21 Making More Cohort were aboard the historic Light Vessel 21, teaching visitors to make the brooches and they made some new variations developed from my original designs. There were also family-friendly "CraftBomb" activities with a focus on recycling, featuring a giant woven Making More inspired brooch, the size of a hula hoop!

The group also took part in an Arts Day at the RE Museum, again teaching the public how to make the brooches as well as recruiting potential new members to the Making More group.

And the next event for "Making More" will be held at The Swap Shop event at the Grand Healthy Living Centre on 12th September. With money being raised for The British Heart Foundation.