Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Andrea Wagner: Exhibition in Print

Andrea Wagner is showing a new work at Fresh

Fresh: Exhibition in Print (from the pages of SNAG Metalsmith Magazine)

December 9 - March 4

374 Metal Museum Drive,
Memphis, TN 38106

Obsessionistas @ BIAD

23 BIAD staff and students will be exhibiting their own individual personal collections of ‘things’ between 5 – 16 December

Amongst the items on display will be lots of;
Japanese Guitars, Bouncy Balls, Designer labels, Ceramic brooches, Die cast cyclists, Cruet sets, Mickey Mouse ties, Christmas decorations,Robert Welch ware, Deely Boppers, Finnish ceramics & glass, Plastic chickens & geese, Delftware, Chairs, Comics, Plastic grass, Trainers,Vintage hairdryers, Brushes, Brooches, Czech glass+

Read more about the exhibition, here

Zoe Robertson : Obsessionistas

Obsessionistas was founded by husband and wife team Graham and Helen Powell.

"Obessionistas is a continuously evolving online resource that celebrates collectors and their collections."

"Taking initial inspiration from our own collections and those of our friends, we set up Obsessionistas to bring together and share a wide range of personal collections – from the curious and fun, to the uniquely significant, and ultimately to museum collections. Our interest lies not only in the objects themselves bu also in the act of collecting and the individual narratives behind each collection."

Zoe Robertson presents her Brooch collection....
"I have a growing collection of brooches. They are made by contemporary jewellery designers and students. On the course we have a module called “Entrepreneurial Design” or more commonly known as “the selling project” This project is basically live business studies where our students form a company, to design, manufacture and sell their products to the public. Each student has a role within the company, and each student designs and makes their own collection related to the company brief. This project takes place just before Christmas and is the perfect opportunity to collect really exciting work. I love it!"

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