Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Making More: Meet The Makers

As part of the last workshop I took some portrait photos of everyone who was there, making in the afternoon session. One of the things about the original 1940's brooches is that there is an air of mystery around them. If you find one in an antique shop or spy one on eBay, you never get to find out who made it, did they wear it every day to work or keep it for special occasions? Did they sit down and make them with friends over a good chatter and what would they have spoken about? Did they select particular colours and make a brooch to match an outfit, or were they made for a friend as a gift? When something ends up in an antique shop waiting to be adopted by a new owner, it has lived a previous life and it's always very intriguing to me.

The lovely thing about making these brooches inspired by those from the past is that we can record the story as we work, by taking images and recording its development and history. I wanted to take some photographs of the women who have been working on the project, to record the process and also because it's just nice to see these amazing, creative and diversely talented people wearing the brooches they have made.

"Making More" makers. From top to bottom: Sarah, Sue, Rebecca, Charlotte and Nicola.

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