Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rye Visit

I visited Rye in Sussex at the weekend. One of my favourite local destinations. It's great for antiques, independent retailers and just generally to have a wander about with friends. I was going specifically to collect and look at objects for a project I am working on...here are a few highlights from my visit...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Some Christmas Pics...

Just thought I would share a few Christmas Photos with you. Some from Christmas day and others from over the Holidays. Some images I took and some I have stolen from my sister!
The Nutcracker! A treat for me and my Sister at the ENO. It was amazing and so Christmassy. I loved the mouse King especially and the ice skating...I know they are on wheels, but it did look sooo real!
Pomegranate cocktail and a Miss Scarlet Coaster...so classy :-)
Yes I do like penguins, a lot!
My sister was in charge of desserts, she is the Queen of baking! This was from the Hummingbird bakery cook book and was as good as it looks!
Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 is a good, happy and healthy year for you all...with lots of making and ideas!

Make do and Mend!

This year I made my own crackers, partly because they seem to be so expensive to buy now and if you can make them yourself that has to be a good thing right? I also thought it would be quite fun to make the jokes, hats and toys myself. I decided to do all this at the very last minute so I didn't get any snaps, we had to shout bang when we opened them. I think I will make some again next year!
I didn't get a photo of the hats, but you can see the jokes and felt robots.

Thank you Paula

Some lovely Christmas gifts from my good friend Paula Lindblom. Tack Paula! Kramkram x


Every year at my house we celebrate Swedish Christmas on Christmas eve. We did this for fun to try and cook some Swedish foods, then did it for a few years and now it just became a fun tradition every year.
This year my lovely sister Kate joined us and made a Tosca cake, which was very delicious!
We drink Glogg, make Jansson's temptation, red cabbage and a Julskinka (Breaded Ham). It is probably a really English version of what you are actually meant to have, but I like it!
I have a very good friend who is also a jeweller, Paula Lindblom, from Alno who lives in Gothenburg. Paula always sends me some lovely Swedish treats for Christmas and I try and think of some typical English treats to send to her.

New Year...New Tests

I have been working on some new tests with new yarns for quite some time now. The new yarns are very fine and worked together with multiple strands, blending pigments. The crochet hooks are also tiny to match the yarns! The results are very fine, small scale and have a new and precious quality.
These tests are actually from last year...hopefully soon they will all evolve into new works. January is always a good time to focus on new works...the hours of sunlight will now get longer now and everything will start growing again...