Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Andrea Wagner: Exhibition in Print

Andrea Wagner is showing a new work at Fresh

Fresh: Exhibition in Print (from the pages of SNAG Metalsmith Magazine)

December 9 - March 4

374 Metal Museum Drive,
Memphis, TN 38106

Obsessionistas @ BIAD

23 BIAD staff and students will be exhibiting their own individual personal collections of ‘things’ between 5 – 16 December

Amongst the items on display will be lots of;
Japanese Guitars, Bouncy Balls, Designer labels, Ceramic brooches, Die cast cyclists, Cruet sets, Mickey Mouse ties, Christmas decorations,Robert Welch ware, Deely Boppers, Finnish ceramics & glass, Plastic chickens & geese, Delftware, Chairs, Comics, Plastic grass, Trainers,Vintage hairdryers, Brushes, Brooches, Czech glass+

Read more about the exhibition, here

Zoe Robertson : Obsessionistas

Obsessionistas was founded by husband and wife team Graham and Helen Powell.

"Obessionistas is a continuously evolving online resource that celebrates collectors and their collections."

"Taking initial inspiration from our own collections and those of our friends, we set up Obsessionistas to bring together and share a wide range of personal collections – from the curious and fun, to the uniquely significant, and ultimately to museum collections. Our interest lies not only in the objects themselves bu also in the act of collecting and the individual narratives behind each collection."

Zoe Robertson presents her Brooch collection....
"I have a growing collection of brooches. They are made by contemporary jewellery designers and students. On the course we have a module called “Entrepreneurial Design” or more commonly known as “the selling project” This project is basically live business studies where our students form a company, to design, manufacture and sell their products to the public. Each student has a role within the company, and each student designs and makes their own collection related to the company brief. This project takes place just before Christmas and is the perfect opportunity to collect really exciting work. I love it!"

See more here

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New Works by Zoe Robertson, selected for Itami

The selected works will be exhibited at the Museum of Arts & Crafts in Itami, Japan from 19th November to 25th December 2011"

See and read more about Zoe's work on her new website, here

Congratulations Zoe on being selected!

A textile art exhibition and a fee free stitching marathon


Learn to share, take your time, make friends.
@ Coco-mat Rotterdam + Amsterdam (26 NOV - 3 DEC)
Platinum thread sponsor: Coco-mat (
Golden thread sponsor: Loret Karman, Handdyed yarns and Knitting (

Loukia Richards @ Art Hotel Dulac, Amsterdam

"The assignment includes an exclusive large scale embroidery depicting Amsterdam's topography on Art Hotel Dulac's textiles and a stitching action for hotel guests that will take place at the hotel lobby (4- 9 December 2011).

Loret Karman, handdyed yarns and knitting" ( is the fiber sponsor of the new project."

For more information contact:

Sunday, 30 October 2011

New Works

Loukia Richards: Micro-embroideries at the Fulbright Alumni Art Series 2011‏

New works from Loukia Richards.

"The Fulbright Foundation Greece included ten micro-embroideries in its annual Fulbright Alumni Art Series event that will take place in Thessaloniki in Winter 2011.
The 'micro-embroideries' series under the title 'Portrait Gallery' is inspired by Coptic embroidery, Persian miniature art and the Portrait Collections seen at the castles of European nobility.

However, the portraits are sketched and embroidered after my sine nobilitate friends, relatives and neighbours.

The influence of comics on this work is prominent."


Jet from Kirkstall Abbey. My sister sent me the image, thanks kate!

Monday, 3 October 2011


A bit obsessed with Dahlia's at the moment!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Athens News: You crafty thing by Marie Zaharaki

An article about the embroidery scene in Athens, featuring Loukia Richards and Stitch ‘n’ Bitch

“I use embroidery, weaving and knitting in my own art work. I learned a lot about stitching techniques through observation, reading and visiting museum collections. Art historians consider embroidery a very distinctive, individualistic and highly sophisticated art form,” says Greek British artist Loukia Richards. The founder of the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Athens group, she has been a needlework fan for most of her life."


Wednesday, 24 August 2011


A bumper apple crop again this year and early due to the weather. Cookers and eaters...crumble anyone?

The Walled Nursery

I recently visited The Walled Nursery again, it changes each time I visit. The new owners are constantly working on renovations of the glasshouses, it's a huge task but they look amazing. The garden/nursery houses 13 Victorian glasshouses including a Melon House, Vinery, Fernery and Peach House.

They also have a museum which I always find interesting to look around. It houses old tools and artifacts, some linked to the history of the estate.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The mobile gallery shows Aurum Reulecke Tabea-special edition

Tabea Reulecke is showing new works at Stop shop 9 - a shop for the temporary museum of contemporary jewelry at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt.

"To the Museum Embankment Festival presents the gallery the young artist with a developed specifically for this special event concept. Arise with fervor - derived from a variety of unique items - small offshoots, inspired passionate simplifications that make the handwriting and artistic concerns of the central part are visible. At the same time they function as an independent form, tangible, expressive, portable and affordable for a large audience.

The special edition and the unique - once again ShopStop9 offers surprising and, as always, very personal encounters with jewelry. Touching, trying to examine the effects are possible and buy only at the museum shop stop."

Monday, 22 August 2011

Andrea Wagner & Lynsay Raine: Handshake project

Handshake is a mentoring project involving emerging jewellers from New Zealand matched with their chosen idols/mentors from across the globe.

Lynsay Raine selected Andrea Wagner to be her mentor.

As well as offering her specialist knowledge as a mentor, Wagner has also been selected to contribute towards the exhibition brochure with an introductory text.

The image shows a new work by Lynsay Raine.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Works

A few more new works to share with you.

Garbage Pin Project in BERLIN · Opening 7th July · contemporary jewellery non-gallery 'new values'‏

"Garbage Pin Project" started with a common proposal launched by Ana Cardim to 90 artists suggesting to them to use the "Garbage Pin" during five days and to select, create or recreate, the contents kept in five plastic bags according to the and reflections generated from the project: 'worth VS waste' in the current urban society.

To see a video about the Garbage Pin Project click here

To read more about the project click here

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Work

This new neckpiece is currently on show at Flow Gallery, along with other new works using hand dyed yarns and oxidised silver.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Old Reed Bed:Open Studio

Open Studio at the Old Reed Bed Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July between 12 noon – 6pm

Tea and cakes will be served in the garden (weather allowing) on both days.

The restored Thames Barge, The Edith May, will be in dock at Lower
Halstow - directly opposite the studios - on Sunday 3 July and open to
the public for visits and cream teas from 10.30am.

Alison Swan is one of the artists showing her work. Above you can see examples of her ceramic works.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Machteld van Joolingen: It's only temporary

‘It’s only temporary’ An exhibition of work by Machteld van Joolingen

"What we experience as time is nothing more than the conception that most events are not reversible. G. Krol

What remains and what disappears? The image, form, material and meaning - everything is subject to a change. Most of it vanishes in the end.

My discovery of plastic bags as a material is rather recent.

The colour, the shine and the many kinds of plastic contained in the plastic bags have seduced me to do several series of melting experiments. I started with cutting the plastic bags into small pieces, melting them in the oven and then taking them out to press them into a mould.
At a later stage I have realised that for the ultimate result, it is much better to work without a mould, and concentrate on the pure material – the melted plastic.
Currently, I sometimes stitch the pieces together before putting them in the oven. I try to influence the outcome during the melting process. For this I take the piece out of the oven, rearrange the plastic and put it back again. This may happen several times during the baking process. I also try to influence the colour palette of the plastic although this may not lead to the indented result. The key moment is when to take the piece out of the oven; a difference of few seconds could result in totally different outcome. The experience of unpredictability and chance excites me.

I also value the fact that many friends collected the plastic bags for me and jointly we are aiding a recycling process. Ugly bags may lead to beautiful results and vice versa.

From the melted material I select those pieces that have expressiveness and shape the story into my jewellery pieces. These pieces might carry reference to traditional jewelery, for it is tradition that delicately balances between temporary and eternal."

Place: Galerie Louise Smit
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
19-Jun-2011 - 23-Jul-2011

Thanks for sending the images Machteld.