Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Show set up: Intrinsic

Mandy Nash the exhibition curator for "Intrinsic" kindly took some images so we could see our work set up in the gallery. Below are works from all 7 makers.

Intrinsic - an exhibition of textile jewellery.

Textile artist and member of the Makers Guild in Wales Mandy Nash, has invited six other makers working in the field of texiles and jewellery design, to exhibit within our Guest Maker area of the gallery at Craft in the Bay. We are delighted to be showing recent work by:

Hannah-May Chapman: 'With hidden depth and meaning found in most work these days, I choose to hide nothing in my jewellery and aim to entertain.'

Joanne Haywood: utilising both metal and textiles and the techniques of crochet, stitch, felting, fusing, oxidising and forming.

Yu-Ping Lin: 'I did not set out to be a fashion or jewellery artist but as my portfolio developed I became interested in both elements and aesthetics.'

Kathryn Partington: her pieces are made using a range of diverse techniques born from training within the discipline of surface pattern, printed textiles, ceramic tableware design and jewellery.

Liz Willis: 'working with precious and non-precious materials combined with hand stitched silk threads, inspired by aspects of the landscape.'

Julia Usel: 'I am a materials led practitioner. By working with materials with which there is no prior knowledge established, experimentation and chance are invited into the artistic process.'

Mandy Nash: 'my work has a strong textile influence; I am passionate about colour, pattern and technique. I love the making process and exploring the possibilities of non precious materials.'

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Here is a sneak preview of some of the works I will be showing at "Craft in the Bay" "Intrinsic" show, starting on Friday 8th May. I am excited to be launching some new works "Patchwork monogram brooches", made with vintage fabrics.

And here are some of the other works I will be showing/selling in the exhibition.

Exhibiting makers: Hannah-May Chapman, Joanne Haywood, Yu-Ping Lin, Mandy Nash, Kathryn Partington, Julie Usel, Liz Willis

Tour venues:

Craft in the Bay, Cardiff: 8th May – 5th July, 2015

Nicola Hurst Gallery, Plymouth: 10th July – 30th August, 2015

Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds: 5th September – 17th October, 2015

Cursley and Bond, Folkestone: 7th November, 2015 – 17th January, 2016

Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth: 16th March – 11th May, 2016