Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Leonor Hipólito: Splendour of wearability

Splendour of wearability
25th March - 24th April
Museum S. Roque, Lisbon.
Leonor Hipólito

"The body, borderline of two worlds, the personal and the social, became along epochs the ideal platform where emotions, relations and stories are revealed.

In a language pliant to the needs of each culture jewels charm and reflect what each of us concedes as being precious.

Taking as a starting point works of the Museum of S. Roque the interest of this project lies beyond their splendour: in what they potencially reflect, giving space for new interpretations on usage and meaning in jewellery, offering views beyond the ornamental, where the body becomes performative."

Mari Ishikawa

On the 7th March Mari Ishikawa was awarded the prize “ Bayerischer Staatpreis“.

Congratulations Mari!

Monday, 15 March 2010

All Wired Up

All Wired Up
SDC Gallery
24 Rivington Street
16.03.10 - 24.04.10

I am showing some new pieces at the new show at SDC in London.

The “All Wired Up” exhibition will start on 16th Mar -24th April 2010. This exhibition will show: basketry, wire sculptures and woven effect artwork including jewellery.

Participating designers:
Anna King, Caroline Dear, Caroline Gregson, Clara Breen, Elizabeth Willis, Eva Seidenfaden, Hollie Wright, Jan Truman ,Joanne Haywood, Jonas Hasselrot, Margaret Crossley, Mary Butcher, Mel Day, Mette Jensen, Pip Weaser, Samantha Queen, Sarah Keay, Susan Horth, Tania Clarke Hall, Timea Sido.

Thread bare

On Saturday I visited Thread bare, the exhibition I am showing in, in Rochester. It was great to see the other artists work in real life and I thought they had curated the works very well. While I was there I met Lucy Brown one of the other artists showing work. It was intersting to hear more about her and her work. Lucy has been working on a piece in the gallery for the duration of the show entitled "Limbo".

Wednesday, 10 March 2010



I took this image in the gardens at Standen. I love the rustle of sound you get when the wind blows through bamboo.


Standen, is an Arts and Crafts house in Sussex. Designed by Philip Webb, who also built The Red House in Bexley, for William Morris.

I hope to return in the summer when there is more to see in the garden. The house has an excellent display of textiles, ceramics and metalwork from the arts and crafts period, lots from William Morris, some ceramics by William De Morgan and metalwork by W. A. S. Benson.

Standen was a family home for the Beale family. Built in the 1890's.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Keith Lo Bue

Well worth a listen, this brand-new podcast features an interview with "Stuffsmith" Keith Lo Bue

It's a great interview, really interesting to hear more about the ideas behind Keith's work and how he goes about making his "Stuff".

Keith also has a blog where you can read about upcoming projects and his new DVD.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Shana Astrachan: Urban Renaissance

"My new piece "Green" is included in the exhibition
Urban Renaissance: New Visions of Jewelry and Sculpture

What is Green?

When are products truly sustainably produced?

Who or what else suffers in the process?

With the commercialization of “green” products we are left wondering where the term starts and ends, and how much of our perception is part of a marketing plan.

Many of us know what it means to practice methods of conservation, use nontoxic chemicals, buy from manufactures that do the same, purchase only “ethically” sourced stones, etc. But is every aspect of the businesses you are working with “ethical”?

Is this “green”?

“Green” is the anti “fine” jewelry, a commentary on the trend of greenwashing in the marketplace. While strikingly luxurious and opulent, 90% of the materials to make this piece were either donated or repurposed."

-Shana Astrachan, Winter 2009

Stefan Heuser: Wenn Helden zittern or When Heroes Chatter

"Wenn Helden zittern"

Fabrizio Tridenti: New Exhibitions

Fabrizio Tridenti

Showing at:
Danner-Rotunde. New. Curated by Karl Fritsch. Pinakothek der Moderne

SCHMUCK 10 in Munich

The Box. Maurer Zilioli-Contemporary Arts, Brescia, guest at Kunstburo Reillplast

Mari Ishikawa

Ishikawa, Maljojoki, Steinau-Steinrück, Borgegard
In memoriam Ho Sook Sinding

4.-7.March 13:00-16:00

Zoe Robertson : Flock

Zoe Robertson's Flocked Jewellery works. I love these pink and red pieces. There is a fantastic lecture from Zoe on the BIAD website and further info/podcasts on the Jewellery dept.

Images: Flock Together 2009 - Series of magnetic brooches

On the 1st March Zoe picked up a silver award at the annual goldsmiths awards for her flocked brooches. Congrats Zoe!

Invitacio exposicio Paradigma‏

Birmingham City University
i de l'Escola Massana

Galerie Caractère

"The character gallery is born from the initiative of two designers,
Gemma Barrera et Pascal Cretin, en novembre 2000 à Neuchâtel. Gemma Barrera and Pascal Cretin, in November 2000 in Neuchatel".

Work by:
Gema Barrera
Paschal Cretin
Sophie Juriens
Karin Wagner
Bruna Hauert
Sonia Morel
Silvia Walz
Ramon Puig Cuyas

Read More about Galerie Caractère

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