Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Spotlight on: Kate Haywood

Paul Wearing has selected Kate Haywood's work for Axis MAstars.

"Hung within a three-walled rectangular space, emboldened by a central wall of strong mid-tone blue, Kate Haywood's ceramic and textile assemblages, referencing ideas and objects of ritual and adornment within diverse cultures, were skilfully curated. They can be viewed either as individual pieces or as one artwork: the relationships and dialogues between the individual assemblages encouraged the viewer to stand back and see the artwork in its entirety, whilst the complexity and detail of each piece invited closer inspection."

Gavotte, 2014. Porcelain, cotton, silk, steel, gold leaf. 64cm x 46cm x 3cm.

Kolo, 2014. Porcelain, cotton. 200cm x 64cm x 11cm.

Volta, 2014. Porcelain, wool. 170cm x 16cm x 4cm.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The High Line

One of my favourite places in New York is the High Line...a garden and meeting place, planted on a section of disused railway track. It measures 1.45 miles long and is described as an "Aerial greenway and rails-to-trails park".

For me it captures the magic of New York, a place which always feels so creative and as if anything could happen. I loved the planting of the High Line, being late summer there were loads of heuchera, rudbeckia and lots and lots of grasses! The structure of its previous life has become part of the design, with trees growing in-between old tracks and small grasses creeping in between lines of gravel that echoes the use of track ballast. There are lots of seating areas, all with a different feel, wooden sweeps of chairs hugging the rails while forming planters, hidden secret benches and larger busier meeting spaces, forming an auditorium above the busy streets below.

Here are some of the images I took.