Monday, 25 February 2013

Black Huts

I love the black fishing/net huts in Hastings. They are quite a famous landmark. The huts are made of clinker weather board. They are tarred black, a contrast to the usual white weatherboarding you see in Kent and Sussex. The huts loom above you. 25ft high, they are very imposing and very beautiful. The black tar colour makes them really unique. They were used to store nets, ropes; sails etc and they were also used as workshops. They built them up high as the fishermen were charged by the sq ft. They are still used today although many have been destroyed by storms over the years.


Last weekend I popped over to Hastings. It's only twenty or so minutes away. I had not glimpsed the sea in a while, so it was lovely to be there. Here are a few shots of what I saw. Hasting now houses a Jerwood Gallery. It's only £2 for local residents, which I thought was a good gesture to Hastings folk. I think there was a resistance to the building going up. Hastings has really developed in the old part of the town. There are quite a few independent shops working really hard to be innovative and sell great products. Pearl and Queenie is a lovely Jewellers selling their own brand and a few others such as Grainne Morton and Tatty Devine. Made in Hastings, is another good one selling work from local makers/artists as a collective. There are also antique shops scattered about and most importantly the best fish and chip shop in the country!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Up Close

A detail of three pieces of Viners cutlery, from Sheffield. I remember this texture really vividly as a child. I loved the hammer marks and how they felt.

The Back

A new piece I have been working on. I recorded the back (sealed inside when finished) as I worked on it. I like the unplanned pattern that happens behind as you stitch.