Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Making More: The workshops

Some selected images from the last few workshops onboard LV21. The group has been working on both the felt brooches and the leather flower & button brooches. They have been a great group of people to work with and it has been really enjoyable to see thier skills developing as the workshops progress.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

DUPLICATE: International Exhibition of Earrings

I am showing some earrings in "Duplicate". An exhibition starting on Friday 4th April at Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h.

"Invited by Nicolas Estrada, Barcelona jewelry designer and author, writing the preface of his book New Earrings, published by Thames & Hudson in 2013, Noel Guyomarc'h offers a selection of earrings end of this publication loops. Nearly 200 jewelry will be exposed."

"Unique jewel which requires physical intervention or piercing the lobe, the earring remains the most popular accessory. This is Mongolia, there are more than 7000 years, archaeologists during excavations found early examples. Over the following centuries, this gem will take different meanings and functions. Talisman symbol of wealth and prosperity, now banned for religious or political reasons, it will take many forms. Poissardes of the candelabra, through the use of pearls and precious stones, the designs vary and influence. In recent decades, many unusual materials make their appearance. This exhibition looks at the current production in contemporary art."

"Brightness, color, humor, asymmetry, the list would be long to describe selected for this event proposals. Made of traditional materials, plastic, silicone, porcelain or other earrings presented compete in originality, ingenuity and surprising aesthetic research. Bold, delicate, refined and sublime, they will not leave anyone indifferent."

I am showing my Cloudberry Earrings and Juniper Earrings, which featured in Nicolas Estrada's book.

The artists taking part are:

Anne Bader (Allemagne) Catalina Brenes (Italie) Pilar Cotter (Espagne) Mirla Fernandes (Brésil) Joanne Haywood (Grande-Bretagne) Daphne Krinos (Grande-Bretagne) Katja Prins (Pays-Bas) Jan Smith (Canada) Felieke van der Leest (Norvège) Rike Bartels (Allemagne) Petra Class (Etats-Unis) Lluis Duran (Etats-Unis) Hella Ganor (Israël) Peter Hoogeboom (Pays-Bas) Judy McCaig (Espagne) Iris Saar Issacs (Australie) Antje Stolz (Allemagne) Babette von Dohnanyi (Allemagne) Ela Bauer (Pays-Bas) Andy Cooperman (Etats-Unis) Nicolas Estrada (Espagne) Liis Hashimoto (États-Unis) Beate Klockmann (France) Martin Papcùn (Allemagne) Karin Seufert (Allemagne) Rudy Tancharoen (Thaïlande) Emily Watson (États-Unis)