Tuesday, 26 November 2013


A new exhibition curated and designed by Louika Richards. Ten Greek Jewellers were invited to respond to Greek myths in jewellery forms...

Berlin, 11-19 December 2013, FunckRaum Hamburg, 6-9 February 2014, Hinterconti

Works by Katerina Glyka, Haris Kaminari, Voula Karampatzaki, Christina Karakalpaki, Apostolos Kleitsiotis, Vally Kontidis, Liana Pattihis, Otsis, Systemalab, Thomas Thomidis, Loukia Richards.

Apostolos Kleitsiotis

Katerina Glyka

Liana Pattihis

Voula Karampatzaki

"Few Western artists managed to resist charming Greek mythology. From Titian, El Greco and Corot to Picasso, De Chirico and Caro -- just to name a few -- art history shows us that innumerable geniuses sought their Muse in the realm of heros, nymphs, semi-gods and blood thirsty cyclops.

Jewellery is not just a craft but also a sign language in Greece used to communicate emotional, social and religious messages. As a wearable art, jewellery can literally carry the message that "Greek creativity is alive and kicking" (despite negative news headlines for the economy).

Loukia Richards, a Greek-British artist, is the curator of the double show Mythen/Myths to open in Berlin and Hamburg next month. She asked ten jewellery designers to update Greek myths of their choice and explain why they still make sense. Designers worked with a broad spectrum of material such as gold, wood, enamel, leather, fibers, plastic etc.

The exhibition Mythen/Myths shows their reflections on love and treason, on the unbreakable mother-daughter bond, on death and resurrection, on the truth of eternal movement and constant change, on the immortality of love, on resistance against tyranny. Photo portraits of Germans working the fields of art, business, communication, urban politics and wearing the exhibition jewellery also make part of the show. These pictures are meant to promote art appreciation beyond cultural or political boundaries.

To get a first impression of what the myth of Labyrinth, Odyssey, Orpheus and Eurycide, Amor and Psyche, Europe and Zeus and many others mean in today's context, please visit www.facebook.com/mythen.berlin.hamburg

The exhibition Mythen/Myths, produced by ZLR Betriebsimperium, is under the auspices of the General Consulate of Greece in Hamburg."

More news and images for this exciting new project soon...