Monday, 2 November 2009

Ramon Puig: Paradigma‏

I got this invite today from Ramon Puig. It looks like a great exhibition and a nice idea to link two Jewellery schools together, Colleagues from two different countries, I like it.

"The exhibition Paradigma, a hybrid of paradigm and paradigmas, is the work of 8 members of staff from the School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University and 7 staff from the School of Jewellery at Escola Massana in Barcelona.

The aim of Paradigma is in its’ title, to showcase examples and present diversity of; ideas and concepts, of materiality and technology, of form and function, from these two institutions, demonstrating the current range of research interests in Birmingham and Barcelona. There may well be identifiable cultural paradigms, aesthetic similarity and difference in this exhibition. However, these factors need to be viewed within a wider context, as neither the staff at Escola Massana, nor Birmingham, are exclusively Spanish, or British. As a core value, this exhibition demonstrates a commitment to the transformative power of continual communication and exchange with others worldwide and a belief in the growing internationalisation of both the School of Jewellery within Birmingham, the UK and beyond, and our friends and colleagues at Escola Massana in Barcelona.

Dates: 14 November – 11 December 2009. Monday – Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm.
Paradigma is curated by Professor Jack Cunningham

Participants: 8 staff from the Birmingham School of Jewellery and 7 staff from Escola Massana, Barcelona. Including;
UK – Jack Cunningham, Jivan Astfalck, Jo Pond, Zoe Robertson, Terry Hunt, Anna Lorenz, Karen Bartlett & Bridie Lander.
Spain – Ramon Puig Cuyas, Silvia Walz, Judy McCaig, Carmen Amador, Ursula Vinolas, Carles Codina & Elisabet Puig. "

Text taken from BIAD website

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