Monday, 17 March 2014

Making More:Taster Day

After four months of researching, designing and was time for the "Making More" taster day.

The workshop took place on the 15th March, onboard the ship LV21. For the Taster day I chose to deliver a workshop which would cover some of the basic techniques we will be using and it's also one of the most accessible for finding up cycled materials. Sourcing off cuts/remnants of wool is something most of us can find, beg or borrow!

Above are some examples of the Woollen Bouquet brooches I have made for the project. I took these in as samples so the cohort could see what they would be making that day.

These are some of the results for the first workshop. 21 people took part and everyone managed to pick up all the techniques, which was pretty impressive for the first session. I loved seeing them all together at the end and how different they all looked!

It's great to be doing a project in the County where I live...and to meet such an interesting group of people. Can't wait for the next workshop...

The images of the workshop day were taken by LV21 Skipper, Gary Weston

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