Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Making More: Test pieces

Here are a series of test pieces I produced early on in the project, just focusing on the curtain ring construction and testing different materials to cover them with. I wanted to be able to use as much upcycling as possible, yet still try and capture the feeling of the old 1940's pieces...I tried coloured plastic carrier bags, cotton fabrics, fishing latex elastic, leather cord, balloon latex, nylon monofilament, felt sheet and wollen yarns. The modern day equivalent to the plastic used is Scoubidou strings which a lot of us will remember from school and they have become popular again recently...however the modern Scoubidou strings have a cheaper quality about them and the pigments just don't look quite right, they look too squeeky (if that makes sense).

One find I am quite pleased with is a stock of 1940's brass coated safety pins, enough probably for the whole project. They are standard safety pins but the mouldings are a little more unusual than we have today. Each "bunch" of pins is a variety of sizes and comes with a little tag from the production company. You can see an example in the images below

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