Saturday, 1 March 2014

Making More: Researching the past

Here is another example of the plastic wire brooches I have been researching from the 1940's. The inside core they used is a curtain ring and the fastenings were usually an old tie pin...although sometimes you see them and the pin has been replaced with modern day safety pin, most of the ones I have seen have the tie pins remaining.

The one below has an old button in the shape of a little lamb in the middle, and you can see it has a double frame of two curtain rings. Besides the floral bouquet versions (which I posted an example of previously) buttons were another choice for what to put inside the curtain ring. I have included an image of the back too, as it's quite intereesting to see how they were finished.

Another type you can find examples of are cameo versions. These vary as much as the button and flower types and the scale can be very different. Some are quite large and intricate like the one below or they can be simpler. Different thicknesses of electrical wire casings were used. I have included an image of the front and the back again.

The plastic wire casing were also used to make other jewellery objects. I have been mainly focusing on brooches, but here is a detail from two necklaces made with the same plastic. When I was visiting Oxford I was very lucky to meet by chance a vinatge and costume jewellery dealer in Antiques on High. Caroline Henney. She was really generous with her time and knowlege on the area and we have kept in contact since. She looks out for pieces for me, for my research. Caroline sells online too and one of her specialisms is lucite brooches, which are also very beautiful.

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