Sunday, 15 September 2013

Paula Lindblom: Now Roots

Now Roots, was a workshop, run by Ruudt peter in Ravenstein, The Netherlands this summer from 12-18 August.

My good friend and jeweller Paula Lindblom was one of the 14 participants.

"The cultural identity of the maker and the place where the work has been made are strong influences on art. NOW ROOTS is a workshop where we will discover and explore the identity of the maker. We will tune you on your personal roots. Guide you on the way to get deeper into your own language."

"Drained", by Paula Lindblom

Participating Artists: Marta Herradura – Madrid, Spain Jen Townsend – Pittsford, NY (a suburb of Rochester.) USA Patricai Centurio – Sao Paulo, Brasil Lulu Jokinen – Finland Yolanda Sucre - Venesuela Sam Hamilton – Ireland Thais Costa - Sao Paulo, Brasil Asli Kuris- Istanbul, Turkey Alexandra Perez-Demma – Mexico/USA Anna Bario – Philadelphia, USA Koen Jacobs – The Netherlands Cappy Coundrad - Pennsylvania, USA Nina Baker – Australia Paula Lindblom - Gothenburg, Sweden

Images of Paula and her work...

Grattis Paula ... ser fram emot att se vad som händer härnäst och hur "Moln" kommer att visas i ditt arbete. Kramkram x


  1. Tack Tack kära du! Kul att du skriver på svenska!
    Thank you dear Joanne! Nice that you add some photos at your blog and the text that I miss, about the sense of the workshop... Kramkram Paula.

  2. en dag jag kommer att lära sig att tala det ordentligt och inte fuska på google översättare! xx

  3. (ha ha ha, Swedish is not so useful..)

    Just have to say that this drained jewellery is not longer in this world and that is a relief!
    It´s in a beautiful place in the Netherlands and I think that it was a great idea for me to be a part of the “funeral”, that I had the opportunity to be a part of this, it was good for me personally and for my art too I think and know.

    So this piece that take me hours to do are just a photo these days and it´s very very okay!

  4. I like this way of working...knowing that the work is there in the ground! Strange feeling. The project looked very intensive...can't wait to see what emerges from it xxx