Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bring Back the Dead.

"34 makers, 7 countries. These works will be brought back from the dead and given a new life!"

This was the tagline given to the innovative exhibition "Bring back the Dead" which showcased work by 34 jewellers. Each piece was meant to be an unsold work...maybe a piece which had been hanging about for a while in your studio, unloved, unworn and forgotten about. The works are being shown in an exhibition in Edinburgh (ending today) and at the end of the show each work will be returned to a different maker. A Saturday morning Swap Shop for modern times!

Images from the opening night. Check out the coffin shapes frames!

I submitted one of my "Key to the garden" neckpieces, which formed part of a series I made back in 2010. We were also invited to submit an Obituary for the work, here is mine....

Key to the garden, of Hawkhurst, died August 2013.

He was born in the winter of 2010, in a small garden studio in the wilds of Kent. Living happily with its maker Joanne Haywood, until its untimely demise in August 2013. The Key is survived by eight siblings all wrapped in threads of hand dyed yarns, some indigo, some madder or Tansy. Many of these sibling keys have relocated to galleries and new owners around the globe, but this key little never strayed far from home. A viewing will be held at 6pm. Friday 20th September, at Whitespace, Gayfield Square, Edinburgh.

Each day leading up to the exhibition two new pieces were revealed via a Facebook gallery. Here are some of my favourites...

Laura Bradshaw - Heap Farrah Al Dujaili Heather Woof Cristina Zani Laura Munteanu Masako Hamaguchi Jaimie MacDonald

Read more about in on Dauvit Alexander's blog and Jo Garner's blog. Jo Garner is the jeweller responsible for the exhibition and founder of Anomaly. Thanks Jo for organising such a great show!

Images from the Opening night are by Julie Huggan and the jewellery photos are from the artists.


  1. I need to go to this event next year and I adore Masako's work!!! ~ Global Jewelry

  2. It was a one off show...but would be great if it lead to another one!