Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Memory: Mari Ishikawa

A new exhibition for Mari Ishikawa. Presenting four series of works based around "Landscape", "Memory", "The tag" and "Once upon a time"

"Nothing that has appeared in this world can escape its ultimate destiny: to disappear. Even memory, though anchoring for the time the afterimages of all these in the endless flow of the ages, is no exception. Thus it is hardly surprising that memory and disappearance had fascinated. I try to resist this vanishing and keep the memories. Mari Ishikawa"

"MEMORY" Brooch 2013

"LANDSCAPE" Necklace 2013

"THE TAG" Necklace 2013

"ONCE UPON A TIME" Pendants 2013

13-Sep-2013 – 26-Okt-2013 During Open Art: 13-Sep 18h-21h Sa-So 14-Sep – 15-Sep 11h-18h Regular Exhibition: Tuesday-Friday 13h-19h, Saturday 11h-14h Galerie Spektrum – Theresienstraße 46 – D-80333 Munich – Germany Phone: +49 (0)89 – 28 45 90 www.galerie-spektrum.de

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