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Paula Lindblom : Gallery 8, Sundsvall

Fancy and unusual jewelry with environmental thinking
Sundsvall (ST)

A porcelain dog with wings in a pärlkedja.A bunch of balls deodorant is a beautiful necklace. So it looks as jewelry artist Paula Lindblom exhibit at Gallery 8th.

I'm scared flea market objects and recycling tank is always at the bottom. At the same time I want to make someone happy and think it's fun, just like I feel when I create jewelry, she says.

It feels a bit strange and twisted. What first looks like a different and colorful necklace is basically a yellow plastic lemon and lots of tiny black beads.

There is a political state ment of what I do.Recycling. I charge it by putting different objects into a new context, which in this deodorant balls that turn into a beautiful pearl necklace and fill a new role, "says Paula Lindblom Jewelry Artist.
Among other things, at the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg.

You have to learn technique first before you can work with other materials. The idea is the road, not material. Sometimes it takes a year to make an ornament for my searching and searching for the right material, she says.

She calls herself now for Gothenburger, but she was born and raised in Alnö. Seven years ago she became a graduate jewelry artist. But interest existed when she grew up outside Sundsvall.

It began when I was little and we polished shells and things made of clay. The small size has always appealed to me, it pyssliga, "says Paula Lindblom.

In the exhibition hall's white pedistaler she has made small rectangular islands with blue walls and green plastic grass. There, she added some of the necklaces.It fits well in that I come from an island, it was important that it was the right colored blue. It is no coincidence, I work with not chance, "she says.

On one of the islands is a necklace with a hanging clip dolls, which she found at flea market in Sundsvall. They are laminated and then they had an edge of the plastic beads.The lock is a small plastic box.I worked three months to get to the lock, she says, and snaps the lid.

Inside is a bookmark and the lid has been shaped by Paula has made tiny holes in the plastic. Everything in here is to carry, or you can hang necklaces as a windows mobile, "she says.

In order to give clearer example of that, she shows a number of photographs mainly showing men carrying her jewelry.

Earlier she also used the gold, silver and titanium in their jewelry, but today the focus is more of porcelain animals and recycling. She does not want the material to have an intrinsic value. Previously, she melted into the small animal figures in plastic. Today she bore more and put it all together with nylon thread. It is a pill job.

It's a bit meditative. And each pearl I sit there is a little love, "she says, showing a soap packaging that she has sat down with small quantities of beads.

It may take a year to make an ornament. All are unique. It is a choice I made, not mass produce. I work extra to include teaching in silver in order to do what I want, without compromising my art, "she says.

In an old shampoo bottle is a small seal. In another sits a porcelain penguin.

What I want is that you should only see a piece of jewelry, then start to think and feel again the plastic bottle from her bathroom. Penguin and maybe you have had toothpick in. It will give something to the viewer, or they can at least think, "how she thought this".

Since 2003 she has had one or two shows per year. The exhibition at Gallery 8 runs until 16 June.

This article is translated from the Swedish text, so I hope the original message can still be read from it. Here is the original article in Swedish on the Sundsvall website.

Congratulations Paula!

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