Friday, 28 May 2010

Loukia Richards: A Sampler of Greek Embroidery Motifs

'OXI (No) - A Sampler of Greek Embroidery Motifs'.
Loukia Richards, 2010.

Cotton, wool, acrylic and silk threads on old cotton Greek flag.
Work in progress.
Photo credit: Studio Kominis, Athens.

"(Some historians claim that Greek history is but a long row of 'Nos' to enemies. Greek junk refers to the S&P description of Greek state bonds as 'junk' last week)

The united cosmos is present in the beautiful compositions of Greek embroidery.
Animals, mythological monsters, humans, plants are all mixed together, are part of a world where all have their place, all belong together.
Motifs sketched and embroidered by me after the Greek Embroidery Collection at The Textile Museum, Washington DC (2008).
I am thankful to the Fulbright Foundation for funding this study, the results of which dominate my present work."

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