Monday, 1 March 2010

Shana Astrachan: Urban Renaissance

"My new piece "Green" is included in the exhibition
Urban Renaissance: New Visions of Jewelry and Sculpture

What is Green?

When are products truly sustainably produced?

Who or what else suffers in the process?

With the commercialization of “green” products we are left wondering where the term starts and ends, and how much of our perception is part of a marketing plan.

Many of us know what it means to practice methods of conservation, use nontoxic chemicals, buy from manufactures that do the same, purchase only “ethically” sourced stones, etc. But is every aspect of the businesses you are working with “ethical”?

Is this “green”?

“Green” is the anti “fine” jewelry, a commentary on the trend of greenwashing in the marketplace. While strikingly luxurious and opulent, 90% of the materials to make this piece were either donated or repurposed."

-Shana Astrachan, Winter 2009

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