Monday, 11 May 2009

Object Fetish: Online Book Exhibition

Jeff and Whitney at Object Fetish have put together an online book exhibition to celebrate the publication of my book on Mixed Media Jewellery, it showcases work from makers whose jewellery features in the book.

To view a flash gallery of images from Mixed Media Jewellery, visit

You can also buy work directly from their online gallery. Many of the makers from the book exhibit and sell work with them

With over 100 art jewellers from over twenty countries, is committed to helping
artists spread the word about their
jewellery – from one-of-a-kind brooches to small run plastic
earrings. You will find necklaces and pendants, bracelet and bangles, cufflinks and wedding
rings, often only available on


  1. Jo,

    We hope your book does very well!


  2. Hi Jeff,

    The book exhibition looks great, many thanks!