Monday, 11 May 2009

Anastasia Young

These Machine Rings are by Anastasia Young. They are made from buffalo horn with silver and are etched, oxidized and riveted. Ana has published a jewellery book: it works as a techniques directory and clearly explains processes for a wide range of materials.....a really good one for students or anyone interested in making jewellery.

I am interested in multi-functional jewellery that
works on several levels - on the body,in the context of a narrative and as an
object with its own sense of history. Underlying the body of work is the concept
that abhorrent components in a piece of jewellery (for example spiders, or
teeth) can be altered in the way that they are presented; and therefore the
materials I use are important - in addition to aesthetically mechanical precious
metal elements, I find the use of horn, bone and teeth give my work a strong
identity. The ‘Uncanny’ fascinates me and I often try to convey unnerving
subjects in a way that is more approachable to the viewer.

See more of Ana's work here: and also at her website:

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