Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Paula Lindblom's collaborative project with Eva Zethraeus

"Since November 2011 ceramist Eva Zethraeus and jewelry artist Paula Lindblom have had an experimental collaboration."
"Eva Zethraeus ceramic twigs are unique and have become jewelry that Paula Lindblom has worked on with her humour and characteristic materials creating a combination of their aesthetics." Välkommen – welcome to Sintra Konsthantverk and the window exhibition 22/9 -16/10 2012


  1. Hi dear Joanne!
    Thank you for bloging this! I like your earlier post too! Take care my dear friend.
    Kramkram Paula

  2. You are welcome as always Paula.

    It's nearly time for Swedish Christmas Eve again! :-)

    Kramkram, Jo xx