Monday, 22 October 2012

An Autumn Event and Knit Bombing @ Manor Park

This weekend I took part in a Knit bombing and craft event at Manor Park. It was so good to see the communal green space being used by locals and people sharing skills and selling produce/work. The event was set up by Laura Lewis a local resident and visual merchandising Wiz / Lecturer, She teamed up with a local cafe in the park to promote and organise it all.
Sally Pharo, Director at Dilly Knit was there with her work and she also produced a lot of the knit and baubles for the knit bomb event.
I also met some of the people from Quaggy Waterways Action Group who are working to restore the waterways in the area. It was really interesting to hear about all the work they had done so far on urban spaces, there is so much wildlife in the area too.
I made a few one-off cakes and cactus...not normally what I make and it was really fun to be involved with. It was also British Wool week, so nice to contriubute to the awareness and celebrate something the UK does very well. All my yarns were from Yorkshire!


  1. Lovely market! I could see one of my Christmas gifts the bottle warmer in one of the photos. I like it a lot, a great idea.
    I will get back to you with an e-mail soon, promise! I know that you know that I´m thinking about you, my time has been really speed up the latest time, but I try my best to catch up. Take care and great that you post this!
    Kramkram Paula.

  2. I like the cactus a lot! Nice that they don´t need any water, you can just have them as they are. Kramkram Paula.

  3. Thanks Paula. It was such a good day. Sally who makes the bottle covers is a good friend of mine. I bought some space invader gloves from her this time.

    My sister went to this with me too, it was so fun!

    Jo x