Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Wasp Nest

This image is from my studio! Yes, that's right a wasp had built this nest in my old tool box. I noticed a wasp enter my studio and fly into a very small hole in my old tool box which houses tools I use occasionally and supplies of emery papers etc. I noticed over the next few days the wasp returned...normally I just open the door and usher them out, but this one persistently came back and looked very determined to use my tool box as it's hang out spot, so I decided upon drastic measures...Raid.

I then found this nest hanging from the ridge inside my old tool box. I was amazed at how truly beautiful it was. It is incredible that a small creature like a wasp can make something so accurate and perfectly formed, I have to admit I do find it a bit sinister too.


  1. Also found 3 queen waps nests like this in our loft as we prep for insulation next week; they are stunning but in a tool box is far more unnerving!

    As agreed, here is my updated (anon.) reflective learning blog:

  2. We had one in the loft last year...good you found them early on!

    Loved the seal images on your blog, many thanks for the link.