Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Thank you Paula!

Today I got an unexpected parcel from Sweden...from my good friend and fellow jeweller Paula Lindblom. She sent me a nice long letter/illustration, her computer has been out of it was a good surprise to hear from her in a letter. She sent me a lovely Dala Horse from flea market in her hometown Sundsvall, found over her Christmas break...its a lovely blue colour with a mystery hole in it, perhaps for a candle?...and she also send a lockfåglar that her Dad made based on her neighbour Charlotte's design, nice to share a good idea!....luckily I was making soup today.

Thank you Paula, Mr Lindblom and Charlotte!

I remembered reading about this bird design on Paula's blog, used on a saucepan to let out steam...a great idea and I am glad that they use puns in their language too.

"My father done this lockfåglar/ call bird ( but it’s not the same funny idea in English, in Swedish it’s more like a pun… lock means cover and we also have the same name for bird that you use in hunting) to me from a sketch that I got from my neighbour Charlotte, it is a really good design. I like this little bird and it’s also very nice to use it on the saucepan to let the steam out."

A lovely surprise...thanks Paula! I have put the Dala horse in between a Kate Malone sliced fruit and a Katharine Morling birdy. So he will have company!

Paula is the person who got me interested in blogging, we met when I was researching my book. She has a great blog which shares loads of really interesting things from her work and daily life. Add it to your fav's or follow!

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  1. Hi dear Joanne!

    I’m glad that the mail arrived to you and that you like it!

    My computer is still or sometimes broken, so I can’t trust the communication this way these days… Today I’m on line from my own computer and home, but I can’t be sure from time to time. Very very irritating!

    I wish you good luck with your lovely new jewellery stuff and hope to see more of it!

    Take care and enjoy your new home and so on.

    With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.