Sunday, 28 February 2010

l’éducation sentimentale: Lin Cheung

l’éducation sentimentale
repertory of forms for an History of contemporary jewellery

a proposal by
Christian Alandete

With :
Lin Cheung (GB) /
Carole Deltenre (F) /
Gesine Hackenberg (NL) /
Anya Kivarkis (USA) /
Åsa Lockner (SW) /
Marc Monzó (E) /
Bettina Speckner (D)

In Flaubert’s novel, "A sentimental education, the young hero has to find his path among contradictory feelings at a time of historical changes. In the last decades, the theoretical issue of modernity and his need for change became less relevant and visual artists started to look back to the past, taking forms from a common repertory inheritated from international Avant-gardes. With the same concern, contemporary jewellers explore past history of jewellery to point out specific meanings in a new social and historical context."

photo Suzy Solidor D.R.

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