Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Walking the Gray Area: New Exhibition and Blog

"Walking the Gray Area is a collective exhibition curated by Valeria Siemelink and Andrea Wagner, that brings together 20 Latin American and 20 European jewellery makers and artists who ocationally work with jewellery as a medium, into a dialogue about jewellery, global mobility, contemporary identities and its personal and/or collective implications. The curators of Walking the Gray Area, have each selected 20 artists from their respective continents: Latin America and Europe. Each artist has a unique approach to jewellery: different perspectives of art and jewellery, differnt ideas, different interests, different materials and techniques, different countries. But all artists have one thing in common: like the curators themselves, they have experienced the phenomena of global mobility in one or another way: born in one place, lived, studied, worked in another one."
This project looks very exciting. I will enjoy following the journey the artists' make and look forward to seeing what evolves for the exhibition.

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