Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Interview with Loukia Richards

meeting the fashion designers
interview by Katerina Papathanasiou photos Costis Zagas

Classical 2 Fashion House Hotel…
The great Dutch artist Ted Noten, who admires
the magic of her art, recently characterized one
of her works as “manic”. She herself believes
that art is a form of asceticism. Not to be endured
without obsession.
As for us, since we didn’t admire her creations
at the Textile Museum Shop in Washington D.C. -
one of the best textile museums in the world -
we had to make do with a quick flight to Berlin.
In room 502 of the 2 Fashion House Hotel you will
discover Loukia Richards’ Berlin...
flight 502 to
loukia richards

What should we expect to find inside room 502 at the Classical 2 Fashion House Hotel?
There is a lot of Berlin in it. The city I love to hate…
How can a graduate from the School of Economics and Political Science convince us of her artistic sensitivity?
The Germans say that when two bankers meet, they talk about art, whilst when two artists meet, they talk about money. I am an economist and have worked in this field for many years but I am also an artist. I don’t think the combination is bizarre. Economics is based on observing and understanding human behavior, and so is my artistic work.
You have chosen textiles as the basic material for your creations. Where does this “obsession” come from?
I grew up among textiles. My step-father’s family has been in the textile industry since the beginning of time... In 1492 the Jewish weavers and carpet-makers left Spain to save themselves from the Inquisition. The sultan welcomed them with arms open-wide since, as we all know,
the Ottoman Turks loved textiles greatly. As far as my obsession is concerned, the great Dutch artist Ted Noten recently characterized one of my works as “manic” he meant it as a huge compliment. Art is a form of asceticism. It can’t be endured without obsession.
Are there any pieces of jewelry that textiles cannot “reach”? How would you design for example a diamond engagement ring?
I designed a huge ring with the lion of Venice wearing the Doge’s cap embroidered on silver. I would be hesitant to make a diamond engagement ring. The diamond trade conceals too much bloodshed.
What are you preparing for the future?
Sacrιes Salopes (Sacred Sluts). A series of huge portraits embroidered and woven on wool, inspired by the two weeks I stayed in Amsterdam in the former brothel which is now Ted Noten’s atelier. It was a very instructive experience.

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