Monday, 18 January 2016

Spotlight On : Yvonne Gilhooly

My latest "Spotlight On" blog post is for Yvonne Gilhooly. A good friend and talented designer. Yvonne and I met many years ago now when we were both exhibiting together at Origin and we have kept in contact ever since. Although we live hundreds of miles apart, we always try to meet up whenever Yvonne is exhibiting in London and we often send each other treats in the form of pinterest pics! I was excited last week to see the launch of her new Facebook Business page and am looking forward to seeing more photos of her new works, views from her seaside studio in Scotland and inspiration from her daily life.

Here are some images of her beautifully made and elegant.

Go and have a look at her new Facebook business page and give it a like if you like what you see!

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