Monday, 5 October 2015

Spotlight on: Marion L

Working in a bronze foundry for a number of years as well as several metal and restoration studios has given Marion L a multi disciplinary skill base for her move into Jewellery design. You can see how her love of patination and surface texture from her years as a sculptor has spilled over into her jewellery practise.

Marion Lebouteiller is also one of our Jewellery Alumni from our structured jewellery courses at City Lit. It's great to see so many of them from over the last 4 years+ doing so well for themselves in industry, I like to share their successes when I can.

Marion L says about herself..."I am an emerging French jeweller who now lives and works in England. The pieces I make are born out of my fascination for materials and colours. My background as a chaser and patinateur on bronze sculptures influences deeply my approach to contemporary art jewellery."

"Whilst combining silver and bronze I allude to the natural and the cultural worlds and highlight contrasts of colours, textures, concept of full and void… I am inspired by my surroundings and by the Japanese culture and the « Wabi-Sabi » philosophy: the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete".

Here are some images from her collections, including piece from: Infinite, Lichen, Twist and Gravity...

Marion L has a number of events and shows coming up before christmas.

Sleight of Hand Touring Exhibition - the Brewhouse, Burton upon Trent, UK - 1/28 September - the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, UK - 7/31 October - Plymouth College of Art Gallery - Plymouth, UK - 16 November/12 December​ 10 Days Winchester, Chalk - Winchester, UK - 10 October/7 November

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair- Manchester, UK - 8/11 October

SIT Select showcase- Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK - 23/25 October

Made by Hand- Cardiff, Wales, UK - 30 October/1 November

Made Brighton - Brighton, UK - 19/22 November

Marion L's sketchbook pages are as beautiful as her finished pieces...

Go give her Facebook page a

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