Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Wild garlic forage...

Just for fun I am sharing some photos I took at the weekend from the local woodland. Last year, by chance I found an amazing carpet of wild garlic, so I returned this year again to forage for some more. The first few photos show the journey over to the secret stash.

And then here is a detail of the woodland floor covered in the wild garlic, the treasure being washed, a bowl of emerald green pesto and the final Tagliatelle dish.

Wild garlic is also known as 'bear's garlic', 'devil's garlic', 'gypsy's onions' and 'stinking Jenny'


  1. I didn't even know this was edible!

  2. It's delicious Dauvit! You can use it a bit like spinach. I cook it in pesto and risotto but I smuggle it into Tai curries and stews etc. It's packed with good stuff too! And because it's such a strong smell there is no way you can pick something else by mistake. You must try it!