Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I will be showing some works at Nuro Association's Fascino Tessile, which opens next month on the 12th April. Here are some images from the makers exhibiting.

"This exhibition, intended for a vast audience, wishes to present body ornaments which do not distinguish themselves for their obvious economic value but for their ability to turn one's attention to the often forgotten hollows of the mind and the heart. The observer, who is not just the passive end user, is called to interject and observe with a keen and critical eye to better explore these new landscapes. Undisputed protagonist is the fabric, seized in its various aspects: at its origin as silk cocoon, as thread, knitted or crocheted or sewn with paper, as twisted fabric mixed with either non-precious metals or stones.

Luis Acosta, Valeria Caprini, Trinidad Contreras, Lyn Cooke, Nunzia De Feo, Joanne Haywood, Grace Hamilton, Alejandra Koreck, Maria Rosa Mongelli, Mabel Pena, Sabina Tiemroth, Stella Valencia Iragorri, LizWills, Yu-Ping Lin.

In addition to creations by star guest, Luis Acosta, whose works are held in major public and private collections, there are works by goldsmiths different from backgrounds (Argentina, Cote d'Ivoire, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Taiwan) and for trainings (several schools or Universities: Alchimia, Birmigham University, Buenos Aires University, Central Saint Martins, Escola Massana, Gerrit Academy, London Metropolitan, Ming Chuan University).

Notable are: Trinidad Contreras, mentioned at the prize Cominelli in 2011, Joanne Haywood, appreciated writer on textile jewellery books, Alejandra Koreck with Sabina Tiemroth, both selected for Smuck 2013, Mabel Pena mentioned at Bienal de Artesanìas de Buenos Aires in 2011, then Yu-Ping Lin who in 2012 was awarded the Best Fashion Accessory Award at the British Craft Trade FAIR."

I would like to share a couple of blog posts which have covered the exhibition so far Like a Magpie, showing quite a few works from the exhibition, and another one at Preziosa Magazine.

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