Wednesday, 5 September 2012

City Lit : Live project with Annoushka, Competition Winners

At the end of the Live project students presented their projects to their peers and then to Liz Olver, design director at Annoushka. Liz then judged the three awards and chose an overall winner who was awarded a day internship at Annoushka.
The awards were as follows from top to bottom: Award for Innovation : Aimee Stein Award for Technical Skill: Bridgitte Pividal Award for Design and overall winner of the internship : Laura Williams All the students received a little bit of feedback from Liz about their work on the judging day. You can see from the images there was a real mix of personal language and students working in both fine jewellery and art jewellery. The students completed a level 2 City and Guilds course at City Lit which runs on one day a week, so you can see the dedication and hard work that goes on both in college and independently. Congratulations to everyone on the course for making such beautiful works! And a huge thank you to Liz Olver and Annoushka for working with the students at City Lit. It was such a valuable experience to see behind the scenes at a successful jewellery company and be able to ask questions. It was also great for the students to have an insight into what the reality of a career within their specialism would entail and how many individual jobs and elements of a businesses there are.

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