Wednesday, 22 June 2011

103 Years...

"Central saint martins College of Art and Design moves from Holborn to its new home in Kings Cross this summer. On the 24th June The Central School shuts its doors at Lethaby house to students for the final time."

This was my bench peg in my final year...ten years ago now! It was great to say goodbye to the building on Monday evening and see so many students and teachers to celebrate 103 years. Very strange to think of the course being somewhere else.


  1. I didn't know they were moving! That makes me sad, such a beautiful and historic building. I was a student here on the BAhons 3D Jewellery Silversmithing course between 1989-92. Did you know about the special echo that happens if you stand in the right spot on the mosaic at the bottome of the spiral stairs? ;-)

  2. I didn't know about the "right spot" but can remember it being very echoey!

    I have not seen the new building...think the old one will be a hotel, would be funny to stay there when it's refurbed...wonder what will become of the studios!

  3. Well, the right spot is the middle square in the mosaic of squares. Stand on it then face the bottom of the stairs, start talking....keep moving your head slightly till the magic echo works...which is that you can't hear your voice around you anymore, just as a small tinny voice in your ear, as if you are wearing an earpiece! The porter gave me that one ;-) I wonder what the technicians little room will become...

  4. Will be there in August, will try it out!