Monday, 4 April 2011

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The Needle Files are proud to be sponsoring:
'The Olive Tree A Rooster Called Home', BENELUX, MAY 2011

What is it? A solo textile art show by Loukia Richards + fee free Greek Embroidery workshops taught by Richards.

Show and e-catalogue curator:
Dr. Alexandra Tranta, Archaeologist - Museologist

E-catalogue design:
Vagelis Stournaras

Where: Coco-mat shops Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam.

Dates: 3 - 10 Μay Αntwerpen, 12 - 19 Μay Amsterdam, 21 - 28 Μay Rotterdam.

"The Rooster is a symbol of abundance & fertility in Greek Embroidery; the olive tree is the holy tree of Athens (my hometown) and a characteristic motif of my paintings.
The title is also a reference to the rooster who nested in the olive tree of a former (deserted) kilim factory in Leonidio in SE Peloponnese - a town internationally known for its kilim industry in the 19th century."

The event is under the auspices of The Theoharakis Foundation (, a private museum of modern and contemporary art in Athens.

Communication sponsors are: British 'The Needle Files' - Dutch website for international embroidery - US digital plaftorm for the arts

Corporate sponsors of the show are: Coco-mat (, Pireaus Bank (, Superfast Ferries (, Domain Skouras (

The E-catalogue will be avaliable soon via this blog. More updates and images to follow soon...

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