Monday, 1 June 2009

The White Garden

"This garden is probably the most famous of the separate gardens at
Sissinghurst. It was started in 1950 by replanting the garden to the east of the
Priest's House, retaining the original layout but fusing a color scheme of
silver and white: focusing on plants with gray or white foliage and flowers of
mainly white, but with touches of yellow. It is unclear what inspired Vita to
create this monochromatic garden. Through her writings we know she had been
thinking about creating a white garden for at least a decade. Although other
white gardens in England (such as the phlox garden at Hidcote) predated this
one, they did not seem to have an influence on the development of the White
Garden at Sissinghurst. Some speculate that she was inspired by descriptions of
white gardens from hundreds of years earlier in Moghul India."

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  1. Hi dear Joanne!

    Lovely pics!

    I have to tell you that everyone that I have show your book for, Like it and will order it, now I think that both HDK (school) and some friends (3) and my work at Kulturlabbet will order it.
    Nice for you and also for me.

    Take care and keep up the good work and good luck with everything!

    Kramkram Paula.

    I have lost my energy for add post to my blog, I will do it later on...When the rain start.