Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Paula Lindblom

These brooches were made by my friend and colleague Paula Lindblom, from Sweden. They are made with layers of graffiti collected from her neighbourhood which are altered with materials such as glass beads. I met up with Paula last summer when she visited London and we swapped work, I got one of these brooches......

"I think this graffiti pieces are very interesting, if you think about it,
it’s one person per each layer in this painting piece… so in one piece of
jewellery many people have been involved, I think that it’s an interesting
thought and I like the idea that so many layer is the same numbers of people who
has made one of this pieces... an absolutely urban pieces."


  1. Thank you Joanne!

    Have a nice weekend! Here is some really summer days and today is the first day I will visit the beach.

    Keep up the good work!

    With love and thoughts Paula

  2. One qusestion... I thought I was one of the once in your book, but now I´m a little bite confused, when I look at the name list at Object Fetish, I couldn´t see my name?!

    A little bite surprise and disapointed.


  3. Nice to see you here
    and congratulations for your book!!