Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mythen/Myths: Curated by Loukia Richards

As part of Loukia Richards project/exhibition "Mythen/Myths", she has recorded the portraits of people living and working in Hamburg or Berlin, wearing pieces from the exhibition. I love this way of presenting brings them to life!

Painter Lila Polenaki (Berlin-Athens-Munich) is wearing Katerina Glyka's "Labyrinth" necklace. Photographer: Giannis Vangelakis

Anne Bettina Jäger, Managing director of Cream Communication Hamburg, is wearing Voula Karapantzaki's "Europe" necklace and ring. Photographer: Christoph Ziegler

Fotini Mavromati, Art+Environment Curator at Umwelt Bundes Amt(Federal Agency for the Environment) in Berlin is wearing Loukia's "Odyssey-Astra Pectoral". Photographer: Loukia Richards

Berlin based visual artist Eva Mitala is wearing Christina Karapalkaki's leather necklace.Christina's work is inspired by the 3 goddesses of fate. Photographer: Dionisis Christofilogiannis

Katy Behrmann-Oreopoulos, owner of Coco-mat Hamburg, is wearing ring and crown by Systemalab. Photographer: U.K.

A homeless man in Hamburg is wearing "Grexit" necklace by Otsis. Photographer: Christoph Ziegler

Theater director Evgeni Mestetschkin with "Cycle of Life" brooch " by Vally kontidis for the Myth of Demeter and Persephone. Photographer: Christoph Ziegler

Interdisciplinary artist Brigid Anderson is wearing Liana Pattihis’ "Anti-Myth" jewellery on her FashionManifesto dress. Photographer: Heiko Koch

High school teacher Susanne Olbrich is wearing ring and bracelet by Thomas Thomidis for the "God Sun" series. Photographer: Christoph Ziegler

Visual artist and curator of "Frappant Artist Association Hamburg" Katja Windau is wearing recycled jewellery by Haris Kaminari for "Psyche and Eros". Photographer: Christoph Ziegler

Visual artist and curator Dodo Adden junior is wearing ring, bracelet and pendant by Apostolos Kleitsiotis for Orpheus. Photographer: Christoph Ziegler

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